№ 4 (38), 2015

Theory and history of culture
IVANOV D. I. Modelling of the interpreting subject’s position in the rock culture: model of perception deautomatization
GAVRILINA L. M. Genesis of the Kaliningrad text: the problem of cultural heritage
ZAYATS S. M. The image of M. Voloshin as a cast in time and space of the Silver Age
SINCHUK S. D. The Image of «Bird-Tree» in the Slavic Folk Culture
TARAKANOV B. I. Modern amateur choir. The combined aspects of cultural studies, pedagogy, psychology and philosophy


The socio-cultural role of pets in the life of urban dwellers (historical-psychological aspect)
KRASHENINNIKOVA O. A. The anonymous letter (Podmetnoye pismo) dated by 1732 as an outstanding record of Russian publicism of the 18th century
VINOGRADOV I. A. Gogol in Rzhev in 1849: about an unknown writer’s travel
RADOMSKAYA T. I. 1916. Two farewells to Moscow (Easter on a fraternal cemetery and «Poems of Moscow» by Tsvetaeva)
BIRYUCHIN S. V. Traditions of Old Russian literature in V. S. Grossman’s novel «Life and Fate»
KORINA N. B. Kinship terms in Slavic phraseology
SMIRNOVA M. A. Anglo-Americanisms in Macedonia’s present-day mass media (based on internet mass media)
OSIPOVA E. A. Serbian realities in «Travel notes of I. I. Sreznevsky from Slavic lands: 1839–1842»
Art theory and history
POZHIDAEVA G. A. Monastic culture in the history of ancient Russian art of the chant (the Monastery of St. Sergius of Radonezh)
KONENKOVA A. K. The construction of Saint Vladimir Cathedral in Kyiv: 900 anniversary of Rus Baptism
VALKOVA V. B. Rachmaninov and Music Moscow: 1880–90-ies
KRAVTSOVA V. A. Mythopoetic image of the Earth in the works of Serbian primitivists
GRISHIN V. A. Mexican muralizm. Discoveries and dramas of J. C. Orozco
SHLYKOVA O. V. Culturological aspects of modern media space: Genesis and practices
KOREÑKOVA T. V. A new Slovak textbook on the history of Russian literature: Ruská literatúra 18.–21.storočia. (ved. autorského kolektívu Anton Eliáš). Bratislava: VEDA, 2014. 240 s.