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Nikolay I. Gubanov

Nikolay N. Gubanov

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Nikolay I. Gubanov — DSc in Philosophy, Professor, Tyumen State Medical University, Odessa St., 54, 625023 Tyumen, Russia. E-mail: gubanov48@mail.ru

Nikolay N. Gubanov — DSc in Philosophy, Associate Professor, N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 2nd Baumanskaya St., 5/1, 105005Moscow, Russia. E-mail: gubanovnn@mail.ru


Theory and history of culture




Vol. 54


pp. 127–139


February 02, 2019

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December 28, 2019

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Modern society is characterized by considerable and increasing risk levels of a more and more global nature. Society needs a reliable system of risk management and mitigation. The study introduces articles explaining different types of risk mitigation strategies. Yet it is clear that the spiritual component of risk mitigation for society remains largely unexplored. The paper aims to systematically explore spiritual changes in society, highlighting the changes in mentality of society and corresponding culture, which must occur to mitigate the adverse effects of risks. The authors specify following innovative approaches: 1) combining science with ethics — as exemplified by the idea of synthesizing the search for truth with a humanistic ideal, to be implemented through the socio-ethical examination of scientific projects; 2) bioethics — aimed at minimizing the risks of biomedical research and technology; 3) emergence of the interdisciplinary science — riskology; 4) generation of a globalist (noosphere) mentality, which will include constructive similarities of ethnic, national, regional, religious mentalities and reduce the risks caused by global problems. Russian scientist V. I. Vernadsky stood at the origins of the idea of a globalist mentality and globalist culture. Yet another new idea — that of international society consolidation based on a common purpose/aim (solving global problems) and not of a common enemy — is also formulated by the Russian scientist A. P. Nazaretyan. This paper draws upon their ideas and broadens the noospheric thinking in order to counter contemporary challenges of history. Therefore, taking into account Russia's peace-loving policy, it stands to reason to acknowledge her crucial role in consolidation and cohesion of humanity. This might come as well to be the beginning of the long-term forecast`s realization in terms of Russian Slavophiles discource on the messianic role of Russia in world history.


risk, risk management, risk mitigation, riskology, post-non-classical science, bioethics, imperative of responsibility, ecological imperative, globalist mentality.


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