№ 4 (XIV)

Problems of culturology and philosophy
Miheeva L. N. Problems of globalization and cultural horizons of young generation
Tarakanova E. B. Developing of aesthetic culture in social environment of young people
Lebedev V. Y. Actuality of Cult: Antinomianism Theory of Pavel Florensky and Hermeneutics of Holy Tradition
Zhuravskaya A. A. Archbishop Sergius (Korolev), and the life of the Orthodox community in the Czech Republic in the 20 th - 40 th years of XX century
Problems of culturology and history
Granin R. S. Structuring of «Semiramida» text by A.S. Chomyakov in the process of formation of its publishing tradition
Problems of philology
Ryadomskaya T. I. Category of naturalness and national spiritual tradition of Russian literature (novel «Doctor Zhivago» by B. L. Pasternak)
Ganzhina I. M. Functioning of personal names and their forms in speech of young people
Old Russian Literary heritage
Konyavskaya E. L. The opening clauses of the short Novgorod Chronicle
Trofimova N. V The visions in three old Russian stories about sieges
General Psychological Problems
Kuznetsova S. O. Problem of hostility in psychology
Problems of Art Theory and History
Svetlov I. E. Contrasts of Moscow painting (exhibition notes)
Efremova Y. V. Problem of Byzantine alter bar genesis
The publication of one monument
Goldinova M. D.  Bishop Isaiah's (Kovalev) phaelonion in Slavic culture museum collection
Scientific Life
XII stage of International Peacemaking Youth Mission «Youth of Slavic World» «Ryazan region in Silver Ring of Russia». Round Table Conference «Study and Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage in Present-Day Situation». 14 September 2009
Sofia International Conference (12-15 October 2009) and Celebration in Honour of Professor Zahari Zahariev
Extended Abstract of M. N. Gromov’s Paper «On interpretation of the Term “Free Diplomacy”», the International Conference in Sofia
Research Conference of Professors and Post-Graduate Students of State Academy of Slavic Culture «Civilization Crisis and Russia Development Strategy: Social Risks, Forecasts and Development Potential». 14 October 2009
The chronicle of cultural life
Dance Theatre «Gzhel»
Our laureates