№ 1 (35), 2015

Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies
PAVLENKO A. N. F. M. Dostoyevsky and the birth of Russian existentialism. The man from the «underground»
STOKALICH I. S. N. A. Berdyaev about the nature of «Russian revolution»
MOSKVICHEVA YU. V. The monk selfless service as ascension to the ascetic man`s ideal in Byzantine culture
SKLIZKOVA E. V. Heraldry as a component of Russian and British semiotics: traditions and borrowings
POZDNJAKOVA D. YU. Art culture of the Coptic Orthodox church: similarities and differences with the Byzantine and Russian traditions
Philology and Literary Criticism
DEMIN A. S. Descriptive background in «The tale of Igor's campaign» and archaism of its story
BEDINA N. N. Russian literature in the context of the Medieval Hesychast tradition (on the material of the story of N.S. Leskov «At the world's end»)


«Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all» (To the problem of perception of the Old Russian text in «The widow’s tale» by Yakov Polonsky)
BAGRATION-MUKHRANELI I. L. Transformation of female characters in Polonsky's lyrical works
AMIRI L. P. Homonymy as one of the poles on ambiguity scale of language play in advertising
Historical Sciences and Archeology
FLOREA B. N. Russia and Danubian principalities in 1674
TURILOV A. A. On the study of Great Moravia literary heritage: interim results, issues and prospects
PALITSYN A. V. Hieromartyr Clement, the Pope, in the history of Slavic writing and culture
Theory and History of Art
The metaphysical aspects of aesthetic experience
GENCHENKOVA M. V. Chantcreating at the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra: the end of XVIII – the beginning of XXI century
NEKRASOVA K. A. Graphic art of Edvard Munch in the context of European literature of the turn of xx century
To the blessed memory of Vladimir Selivokhin
The last romantic of Russian piano school
DENSHCHIKOVA A. V. Review of the book «A true story of Josef Schweik adventures in Russia. Book 2: 1941–1945»