№ 1 (XXIII)

Problems of culturology and philosophy
Lebedev V. Yu. Necropolises in central Russia as an object of research
Nazarova O. A. Theme of elders in the publications of S. L. Frank
Granin P. S. Initiation structure of the ordeals
Kuzmin M. A. Revival of church construction in Russia
Kiseleva E. V. Modern Russian family in traditional confessional aspect
Problems of culturology and history
Kaliganov I. I. Imaginary mystery of Katyn Polish officers execution reasons in March of 1940
Problems of philology
Komarov S. G. Chekhovian tradition in Brian Friel's dramatic art
Old Russian heritage
Rudakov V. N. In search of heroes: about reappraisal of the past by Old Russian scribes of the 15th – 16th centuries
Moshkova L. V XVII century eight page ABC: the history and the problems of its study
Bedina N. N. On the problem of chronotop of «Kazan Story»
Problems of Art Theory and History
Salimov A. M. On the Problem of the Original Image of the Church of the «White» Trinity in Tver
Kolyadich T. M. I have never been a hero
Current Events in GASK
Sitnikov V. I. «What we have … we will preserve!» – 2011. Exhibition of specimens of Russian folk arts and crafts
Kuchmaeva I. K. Creativity as a vital necessity. The outline of the book «From the fuss to the essence: the history of the Academy and its faces»