№ 3 (XIII)

Problems of culturology and philosophy
Levkovich L. N. Slavic roots of Pitirim Sorokin`s philosophy
Zapeka O. A. The idea of freedom in ethical constructions of F. M. Dostoevsky
Kuchmaeva O. V.,
Kuchmaev M. G.,
Petryakova O. L.
Transformation of institution of family and family values
Tselepidis N. V. Interaction of the people and cultures and problem of intercultural communications of youth
Arzumanov I. A. Transformational characteristics of religious culture in the context of state-legal aspects of religious policy of Russia XX–XXI centuries
Dyachenko E. J. Divine service singing in Russia as an aspect of monastic culture
Problems of philology
Lyustrov M. Y. Theme of defeat and destruction of army in the Swedish and Russian literatures of the epoch of Northern war
Kruglova T. S. Macrodialogue and microdialogue in the poetic culture of the Silver Age
Old Russian Literary heritage
Dyomin A. S. The story poetics about the Babylon pillar in «to Move time years» and the chronicler`s mood
General Psychological Problems
Timohin V. V. The role of religious outlook in the system of relations of a person
Problems of Art Theory and History
Konionkova A. K. Experience of creation of an exposition of the Museum of slavic cultures in GASK
Strogalev M. S. Monuments of Russian «Byzantine» architecture in Moscow (the end XIX – the beginning XX centuries)
The publication of one monument
Mikhailova N. V. The Icon «St. Nikola the Miracle Worker with bystanders» from the Museum of slavic cultures GASK
The chronicle of cultural life
GASK Cultural life
Our laureates