Review procedure for manuscripts submitted

  1. 1. All manuscripts submitted to the Editorial board of the Journal Vestnik slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] are peer-reviewed for expert evaluation.

  2. 2. Peer review is done by double-blind method where both reviewers and authors remain anonymous through the procedure and the former are expected to provide their reviews for the articles.

  3. 3. The editorial staff implements the initial screening of manuscripts for their matching of formal requirements, thematic fit, along with the check for plagiarism.

  4. 4. Manuscripts that do not match these criteria are no longer considered and get rejected with due notice to the author. In this case decision on the rejection of articles is made by the editorial board.

  5. 5. Those manuscripts that meet the minimum criteria are forwarded for further review to 2 independent experts reputed in the field of the submitted paper. Through the evaluation process reviewers shall abide by requirements of the journal`s Publication Ethics. Editorial board requires reviewers to keep all reviewed materials confidential.

  6. 6. Reviews are done in free format or in compliance with the format elaborated by the editorial staff.

  7. 7. The text of review is sent to the author upon his request without mentioning reviewer`s full name, position and place of employment. If any recommendations of revision or updating the article arise author is handed an abbreviated review with constructive feedback from the reviewer remaining anonymous throughout the procedure. In case of the manuscript`s rejection a substantiated written refusal the is forwarded to the author.

  8. 8. If the manuscript is not accepted for publication by reviewers, it is not subject to any additional reviewing or reconsidering by editorial staff.

  9. 9. Terms of reviewing are determined in each individual case with considerations of maximum prompt publication of the paper. Maximum time limit of reviewing is 90 days.

  10. 10. In case manuscript is accepted for publication by peer-reviewing, it proceeds for consideration of the editorial staff. Upon the decision of acceptance of the paper for publication the letter with brief comments about reviewing results and estimated date of publication is sent to the author.

  11.  11. Original reviews are kept on file in the Vestnik slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] archive for 5 years.

  12. 12. Manuscripts of the editorial staff and International editorial council members, entitled to have 1 (one) publication in the Journal annually, are subject to peer-reviewing and consideration on meetings of the Editorial board according to standard procedure.