№ 2 (ХХ)

Problems of culturology and philosophy
Isaeva V. V. Synergism of Byzantine world-view as a culture formative factor
Oittinen V. Free subjectivity versus substantialism: critical approach of H. Batischev to Ilienkov anf Spinoza
Mazina E. I.  Philosophy of creativity in the beginning of the XX-th century
Bychkov V. V., 
Mankovskaya N. B. 
Aesthetic aspects of multimedia in art
Problems of culturology and history
Matveenko D. Ya.  Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna and the Stroganov School of Art
Kuzmin M. A.  Russian estate culture and its peculiarities in the XXI century
Problems of philology
Merculova E. M. The ways of parametrization of nations image
Old Russian Literary heritage
Trofimova N. V. The author in the old Russian war stories
Problems of Art Theory and History
Konyavsykaya E. L. Icon of Bogolyubskaya Mother of God of the Greek monastery of St. Elias the Prophet
Konenkova A. K. The main tendencied of humanitarian cooperation of Spain and Russia: history and prospects
General Psychological Problems
Lavrova E. V. Influence of TV news discourse on atiitudes of people
Shaporeva A. A. On the topic of education in the fi eld of family psychotherapy in Russia
Dombrovsky B. T. The Philosophy of Wall
Scientific Life
Ilyina E. S. II Forum of University Rectors of Russia and Ibero-American area
Strakhovskaya I. G. First International Symposium «Slavyanorossika»
The chronicle of cultural life
Pahomova A. V. Art of modelling: synthesis of classical recital and modern presentation. GASK in CDRI