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Title of the article: Modern amateur choir. The combined aspects of cultural studies, pedagogy, psychology and philosophy
Author(s): TARAKANOV B. I.
Section: Theory and history of culture
Year: 2015
Issue: № 4, (38)
Pages: 58-69
Index UDK: 374+784
Index BBK: 71.4+85.314
Abstract: The study of choral art, as historically the first form of musical culture, occupies an important place in cultural studies. The modern study of choral works aspects is motivated by the natural human need to understand the semantic foundations of joint singing. Thanks to the universalism of choral culture that is open to all social strata, ethnic groups and religions, thanks to its capacity and scale of distribution today, including those based on the latest information technology, choral arts among amateurs (singing-lovers) are becoming increasingly popular and relevant in nature, in particular, as a tool of interpersonal interaction. Chorus as a primary form of preserving and transmitting musical information, as the mechanism of formation of cultural mental attitudes continues to fulfil its socio-cultural functions, reproducing old paradigms and creating new ones, due to the modern requirements, namely, the value orientation of mass musical creativity. It is only natural, that cultural and musical-pedagogical technologies of preservation and strengthening of amateur choral works in the modern socio-economic conditions are of scientific interest, as well as the transformation of tradition and innovation in the formation of the choral culture of the new generation.
Keywords: mass culture, musical culture, choral culture, choral arts, choir conducting, tradition, innovation, choir, music, pedagogy, cultural studies
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