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Elena M. Baranskaya 

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Elena M. Baranskaya — PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University, Uchebnyi alley 8, 295015 Simferopol, Republic of Crimea, Russia. E-mail: Eleni313@mail.ru.


Philological sciences




Vol. 53


pp. 135–145


July 04, 2018

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September 28, 2019

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The article establishes a circle of persons who could act as the prototypes of Guskov — a main character of the story “From the Caucasian Reminiscences. The Disranked”: the Petrashevists A. I. Evropeus, N. S. Kashkin, demoted A. M. Stasyulevich, brother of the “Bulletin of Europe”`s publisher. To this purpose a detailed comparative analysis of the comments to the Leo Tolstoy's collected works of various years of publication is undertaken. The author also involves an extensive biographical material (diary entries, epistolary, Leo Tolstoy's memoirs, testimonies of the contemporaries such as the writer P. I. Biryukov, V. P. Botkin, P. F. Wimpfen, etc.) as well as historical and literary data (A. P. Beklemishev, V. A. Milutin). In the process the paper examines Leo Tolstoy’s network of personal contacts with leaders of the revolutionary circle of M. V. Butashevich-Petrashevsky, focusing on the writer's interest in their political activities. As a result, the author establishes a number of considerations for addressing the historical and literary issue of “Tolstoy and Petrashevists”. The paper arrives at the conclusion that direct historical and literary connections exist not only at the level of prototypes, determined by the author, but also at the level of stylistic and social searches.


L. N. Tolstoy, image creativeness, prototypes, biography, the members of Petrashesky’s circle.


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