№ 2 (XII)

Problems of culturology and philosophy
Glagolev V. S. Orthodox Art as a Perception Phenomenon in Secular Cultural Environment
Chuchin-Rusov A. E. On Correlation of Culturological and Linguistic Gender Patterns
Kayak A. B. Temporal Effects and Stable Consequences of Musical Interchange and Their Criteria
Minda N. B. Creator Heroization in Ancient World: Phidias heroic cult
Torin A. I. Means of analytical and hermeneutic philosophy synthesis in postsecular society
Problems of philology
Melnik V. I. Image of an «unaccomplished priest» in the novel «The Precipice»: Biblical text in F. M. Dostoevsky’s and I. A. Goncharov’s speeches
Pirkov I. V. The Uncrossed Rubicon: on the climax problem in I. A. Goncharov’s novel «Oblomov»
Old Russian Literary heritage
Kirillin V. M. Genre and Theme Features of Old Russian Stories about Icons
Pervushin M. V. Number Symbolism in «Life of Saint Evfrosin of Pskov»
Problems of Art Theory and History
Pozhidaeva G. A. Old Russian Church Chants: From to «Homovoe» to «Narechnoe» Singing
Florkovskaya A. K. Style Mutation in Soviet Art of 1970-s: On the Problem of Study of Painting Department at Moscow City Committee of Graphic Arts
General Psychological Problems
Suharev A.V.,
Kalisjenko V. D.,
Lavrova V. A.
Ethnofunctional Concept to Education: Best Practices
Scientific Life
Scientific Life