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Title of the article: Mexican muralizm. Discoveries and dramas of J. C. Orozco
Author(s): GRISHIN V. A.
Section: Art theory and history
Year: 2015
Issue: № 4, (38)
Pages: 215-223
Index UDK: 75.03
Index BBK: 85.143(3)
Abstract: The phenomenon of Mexican muralism of the first half of the twentieth century originated during the revolution and the subsequent changes in the social life of the country, and it amazes with the creative impulse, dynamism and novelty. For various reasons this direction in art has remained undervalued in our country, and, together with the representatives of this movement D. Rivera and D. Siqueiros, more known to the public, the creativity of a remarkable artist J. C. Orozco remained at the periphery of public interest. Meanwhile, Orozco, a unique artist, working in the genre of caricature at the beginning of his career, found his own unique style, and created an incredibly emotional symbolic compositions, combining the graphic and the picturesque. J. C. Orozco clearly indicated his stylistic commitment, and used them to involve the viewer in his world, in his perception. For him the life is overcoming and struggle, he understands that people's hearts respond to the exaltation of justice and this is above all national differences. His work is above creeds and ideologies, it is civilizational, and the status of art is more important than morality, doctrines and explanations.
Keywords: art, creativity, individuality, expression, contrast, imagination, relationship, symbolism, interior, muralism
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