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Title of the article: Genesis of the Kaliningrad text: the problem of cultural heritage
Author(s): GAVRILINA L. M.
Section: Теория и история культуры
Year: 2015
Issue: № 4, (38)
Pages: 21-37
Index UDK: 130.2
Index BBK: 71.0
Abstract: The local texts of culture as a form of text representation of regional identity, the process of its construction and the method of branding territories are of the great research interest in contemporary culture in the context of «glocalization». Especially important is the study of the mechanisms of formation of local texts, their genesis, value and the features of targeted design and spontaneous formation, the role of cultural and historical heritage. These problems become particularly configured under the Kaliningrad regional subcultures. The set of cultural texts, developed on the basis of understanding/experience of historical and socio-cultural realities of the region, is a substantial and linguistic unity, which suggests the formation of a local supertext. The core of the text, its foundation was the conceptualization of the relationship to the pre-war history of the region, the legacy of a foreign culture, in conjunction with which the Kaliningrad residents have to live. The genesis of the local Kaliningrad text dates back to the post-war period. It is formed by two subtexts: an ideologized one, created by those who are on «top» and a spontaneous one, emerging «from below». The first was built on stiff opposition and the rejection of all that was related to the pre-war history of the region. The second one reflects the interests of the inhabitants of the surrounding cultural reality and representation of the specific regional image of the world. For a long time it existed in an oral form in practice-oriented forms, and was widely known only in the late 80s and became the basis of the local Kaliningrad text.
Keywords: cultural heritage, politics of memory, a regional subculture, text of culture, local text of culture, Kaliningrad text
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