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Gleb A. Pudov

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Gleb A. Pudov — PhD in Art, The Head of the Department of Folk Art, The State Russian Museum, Engineering St., 4, 191198 St. Petersburg, Russia. ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7270-8065. E-mail: narodnik80@list.ru


History of Arts




Vol. 57


pp. 246-257


February 18, 2020

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September 28, 2020



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Among many types of applied art that had reached brilliant flourishing in Veliky Novgorod was the production of chests and caskets. Yet its history attracted not enough attention from Russian researchers. A review of the sources reveals an interesting picture: information on the history of chests and caskets has been preserved, but it is fragmentary and, in most cases, indirect. The purpose of this paper is to identify on the basis of available material the picture of the development of Novgorod chest production and to determine its features. The tasks are the generalization of the information about the chest products of Novgorod and an analysis of preserved items and the reconstruction of lost items. The fragments of birch bark boxes from the collection of Novgorod Museum provide some useful information. Taking into account certain features of the history and culture of Novgorod, the author proved it possible to reconstruct some aspects related to the manufacturing technique and the artistic style of ancient chest products (12–13 centuries). The product of the master Samuel and the casket of archbishop Euthymius can give an idea about the chest production of the 14th–15th centuries. Despite the devastation of the city by Ivan the Terrible, the chest production did not fold — in the 16th century many masters associated with the chest production were mentioned in the Scribe books. In the 18th century the production was in deep decline. This was true for the whole industry. Over time the Novgorod trunk production has lost all-Russian significance and has become an exclusively local artistic phenomenon. With periods of decline and prosperity it existed until the 20th century.


Veliky Novgorod, chest, casket, master, craft, folk art, production, Novgorod Museum, collection, international relations.


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