Conflicting Interests Policy

Potential conflict of interests, According to the Committee on Publication Ethics management (COPE) arises in the presence of financial, personal or professional conditions, that may influence the scientific judgment of a reviewer or editor and, thereby, the editorial decision on the paper`s publication.

Journal Vestnik slavianskikh kul’tur [Bulletin of Slavic Cultures] assumes that by the very fact of submitting of the paper for consideration of editorial staff the author states that:

  • • all forms of financial support are acknowledged in their contribution;

  • • any commercial, financial, personal or professional involvements that might present an appearance of a conflict of interest related to the submitted article are absent.

Otherwise, the author may ask the editor-in-chief to exclude any specific reviewer from the peer review of the article submitted.

Editors and reviewers shall declare of a potential conflict of interests that may influence the editorial judgment.

In the presence of a conflict of interests between editor or reviewer with the paper`s author, the paper shall be handed over to another editor or reviewer respectively.

Evaluation of the paper shall not be biased. The very presence of the conflict of interests declared by any party of the paper`s consideration or reviewing, shall not be the cause for rejection of its publication, since main evaluation criterion is its academic merit.