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Elena N. Teterina

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Elena N. Teterina — PhD in Philology, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, A. N. Kosygin Russian State University, Sadovnicheskaya St. 33, build. 1, 117997 Moscow, Russia. E-mail: lente-75@mail.ru


Philological sciences




Vol. 51


pp. 196–207


March 26, 2018

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March 28, 2019

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The purpose of the paper is to explore the function of the anti-pastoral figurativeness in the novel “Eltyshevs” by the Russian writer R. Senchin, classifying his work as (new realism). Among attributes inherent in the works of national neorealism and embodied in this socio-psychological novel (such as continuation of the traditions of Russian realistic writing, the chronotope and language corresponding to modern times, the atmosphere of an existential deadlock, psychological anthropocentrism, social criticism, focusing on everyday life, indicating axiological constants, hope on the reorganization of described reality, etc.). The author puts a special emphasis on the level of inclusion of different narrative genre forms into artistic fabric of the story enhancing plasticity and expression of the poetic world. In the “Eltyshevs” this level belongs to the anti-pastoral topic (deformation of the constant of the idyllic world, split of the traditional idyllic idea of the unity of nature and man, violation of the pastoral balance of the life-death opposition). The place of anti-pastoralism in this novel is determined not only by highly adaptive susceptibility of the very form of novel to various genres` elements (M. Bakhtin), but also by potential possibility of the anti-pastoral to enhance “realism” of the work (T. Gyfford). The introduction of anti-pastoral elements into the artistic world of the “Eltyshevs” reflects the author's attempt to find the most convincing and sharpest form of expression of the material proposed for reading, to generate the reader's reflection both on a catastrophic state of the modern world and regarding the fate of the human soul voluntarily taken the path of death.


R. Senchin, “Eltyshevs”, pastoral literature, anti-pastoral literature, modern Russian literature, “modern new realism”.


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