Volume 43, 2017

Theory and history of culture
BABINTSEV V. P., SAPRYKA V. A., BYKHTIN O. V., PASTYUK O. V. Interaction of cultural and civilizational identities of the population of border regions of Russia and Ukraine
PUZANOVA Z. V., FILIPPOV V. M., LARINA T. I. Belarusians, Russians, Ukrainians — mutual perception in intercultural environment (basing on the results of case studies)
GUBANOV N. I., GUBANOV N. N. Role of mentality in the development of society: sociocultural hypothesis
KOZNOVA I. E., NIKOLSKY S. A. Past in politics and culture of Soviet Russia
PALITSYN A. V. Hieromartyr Clement, the Pope, and the creation of the Slavic writing in Chersonese
KOZLOV M. N. Grand Princess Olga: from high priestess to enlightener of Rus`
SINCHUK S. D. The image of “tree-horse” in the Slavic folk culture
SKLIZKOVA E. V. Etymological and semantic aspect of colour in the heraldic tradition: Russia – Britain
TRAVNIKOV S. N. “And there were stone mountains and deep ravines, only the earth and the skies…:” Features of the space portrayal in “Pilgrimage” of Hippolytus Vyshensky
MATONIN V. N., BEDINA N. N. The chronotope features of the old believers` texts about the Solovky uprising
SARTAKOV E. V. Gogol and the Serbian literature of the XIX c.:addressing the problem
URAKOVA A. P. Between Europe, United States and Russia: I. S. Turgenev in the receptive aesthetics of H. James
PANKRATOVA T. B. Rural prose of V. A. Kurochkin
SEMINA А. А. The antinomy of beauty and monstrosity in a poetic text: Georgy Ivanov and Boris Ryzhy
TEUSH O. A Perceptions of confined geographical area as reflected in the vocabulary of dialects of the European North of Russia
BALYKHINA T. M., NETESINA M. S., IURMANOVA S. A. Linguo-didactic research of concept subject matter within textual area of a concrete linguistic personality
DZUNKOVA K. Influence of the Czech translations on other Slavic and Hungarian Bible translations
BYCHKOV V. V., МANKOVSKAYA N. B. Artisticity as a metaphysical foundation of aesthetic experience and criterion of art authenticity identification
POPOVA L. V. Artistic image according to S. Eisenstein and P. Florensky
LAGRANSKAYA S. А. On works of self-taught Serbian artists Ilija Bosilj Basicevic and Sava Sekulic
CHERNODED А. B. Ethnic costume: traditions vs globalization (through the example of russian folk costume)


Anastasia B. Chernoded
Sofia A. Lagranskaya
Liana V. Popova
Viktor V. Bychkov
Anna A. Semina
Tatiana B. Pankratova
Alexandra P. Urakova
Katarina Dzunkova
Tatyana M. Balykhina
Olga A. Teush
Egor V. Sartakov
Vasiliy N. Matonin
Sergei N. Travnikov
Ekaterina V. Sklizkova
Svetlana D. Sinchuk
Mikhail N. Kozlov
Aleksandr V. Palitsyn
Irina E. Koznova
Nikolay I. Gubanov
Zhanna V. Puzanova
Valentin P. Babintsev