№ 3 (XXI)

Problems of culturology and philosophy
Anashkina T. Yu. Specific character of socio-cultural existence of Orthodox sacred art artifacts in culture of modern Russia
Kiychenko K. I. Correlation of values and scientific knowledge in the humanities
Kotsyuba V. I. The theme of knowledge of man in the V. N. Karpov's philosophical anthropology
Konovalov K. V. Cognition as personal attitudes in philosophical and epistemiological views of Maxim the Greek
Bychkov V. V.,
Mankovskaya N. B.
Aesthetic aspects of multimedia in art
Problems of culturology and history
Ponomarev A. M. The Foundation and Development of Holy Trinity Monastery of Boldino
Robinov O. Yu. Temple culture of Moscow. The revival of parish life in the late XX - early XXI
Nikolaeva T. Yu. Aesthetic and semantic features of traditional pottery culture of Iran
Problems of philology
Zavelskaya D. A. A warden - «a little man» - and the big revolution. On one of N. D. Teleshov's novelette from «Znanie» publishing house storybooks
Krivolapova E. M. On the problem of authenticity of «Diary of Love Stories» by Zinaida Gippius
Old Russian Literary heritage
Shaikin A. A. Images of Yaroslav the Wise in the «Tale of bygone years» (Povest' Vremennikh Let)
Problems of Art Theory and History
Blinova E. K. Ways of introduction of order system in the Russian architecture
Drozdetskaya N. K. On A.V. Alexandrov as a Regent of the Cathedral Choir in Tver
Trenikhin M. M. Poetics of the spiritualized artistic personality: portraits by Lev Zevin
General Psychological Problems
Neverova T. V. The role of ethnic function in Russian culture and nature images in the process of motivation for learning in adolescents
Scientific Life
Strakhovskaya I. G. Conferences during Slavic Written Language and Culture Days
The chronicle of cultural life
Pakhomova A. V. Creative Work of Yu. G. Kuchmaeva
Ilina E. S.
International Festival «Slavic Written Language and Culture Days»