№ 3

Problems of culturology and philosophy
Bychkov V. V.  Approaching the Aesthetic Consciousness of the Author of the Corpus Areopagiticum
Gromov M. N.  Philosophical and Anthropological Views of Maxim Grek
Klimov A. G.  Enthusiasm and institutionalism as tendencies of civilization development
Zapeka O. A.  Problem of Freedom in the context of Berdyaev's personalistic ethics
Problems of culturology and history
Gurchenko L. A. «Slovo» - a symbol of Slavs ethnicity
Problems of philology
Lustrov M. Y.  Theme of Punishment in Russian and Swedish literature of the Northern War Epoch
Bludilina N. D.  Antioch Kantemir and his literary ties in France
Paikov N. N.
Sorokin A. A. 
Phenomenon of Nekrasov's satirical articles in the context of literary strivings of the epoch
Problems of Art Theory and History
Konenkova A. K.  Russian Folk Art in Culture of Late XIX and Early XX century. Stage Design of Stravinsky's Ballet «Fire Bird»
Scientific Life
Strakhovskaya I. G. Slavic topochron (on International Symposium «Slavic World in the Third Millenium»)
Chepelevskaya T. I.  The History of Slavonic Peoples Culture as Evaluated by Young People: Report of International Academic and Research Youth Conference
The chronicle of cultural life
Konenkova A. K.  «Traditional culture of Slavonic Peoples» - an exhibition from the Museum Funds of State Academy of Slavic culture
Pachomova A. V. Exhibition and concert in Hodynka exhibition Hal
Varakin M. A.  On the VI Internationa Youth Fenstival of Videofilms