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Title of the article: Mythopoetic image of the Earth in the works of Serbian primitivists
Author(s): KRAVTSOVA V. A.
Section: Art theory and history
Year: 2015
Issue: № 4, (38)
Pages: 206-214
Index UDK: 75.03+7.046
Index BBK: 85.143(3)
Abstract: Over the past decades, interest in Serbian naive art has transformed from a private research initiative into a fully formed sphere of professional activity of art history. In addition, we can hardly talk about a lot of analytical texts, summarizing such a significant phenomenon as a naive art of Serbia, even despite the variety of museum and exhibition practice. The aspiration to identify the main themes in the works of Serbian primitives is the aim of this article. The problem of the origin and the development of mythological consciousness of naive artist is investigated with ethnographic positions of cultural anthropology. Therefore, a mythopoetic image of the earth acts as a connecting link not only forming actual picture of the world of naive artist, but also bringing together painters and sculptors under the aegis of the generic beginning, a collective memory and an existential, personal experience of the countryside landscape. These artists brought in material living chronicle of the generations.
Keywords: mythological consciousness, genus, memory, terrain, ritual
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