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Title of the article: Serbian realities in «Travel notes of I. I. Sreznevsky from Slavic lands: 1839–1842»
Author(s): OSIPOVA E. A.
Section: Philology
Year: 2015
Issue: № 4, (38)
Pages: 148-156
Index UDK: 811.16
Index BBK: 81.2
Abstract: The article is devoted to the reflection of the Serbian realities in the «Travel notes of I.Sreznevsky from Slavic lands» which represent a documentary and artistic story about a research travel of a famous Russian Slavist of the first generation to the lands of foreign Slavs in the late 30-ies of the XIX century. The study is based on the research works on the subject, archives and the analysis of the work itself. The paper addresses the issue of scientific interests of I. Sreznevsky, his attitude to the issues in the study of Russian Slavs, briefly de-scribes the history of his formation as a scientist. The author tries to show that I. Sreznevsky was already a budding scientist in Slavic philology with valuable experience of a collector and the knowledge of Serbian history and culture that allowed him to make a number of important observations made with documentary precision and in a good literary style.
Keywords: University charter, Slavic studies, research travel, I. Sreznevsky, Serbian culture, Vuk Karadzic, Njegos, Russian-Serbian relationship
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