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Ekaterina V. Sklizkova

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Ekaterina V. Sklizkova — PhD in Culturology, Associate Professor, Institute of Slavic Culture, A. N. Kosygin Russian State University (Technologies. Design. Art), Khibinsky pr., 6, 129337 Moscow, Russia.
E-mail: katunyas@yandex.ru


Theory and history of culture




Vol. 64


pp. 87–96


October 05, 2021

Approved after reviewing

December 10, 2021

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June 28, 2022



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State symbols are under the jurisdiction of heraldry and vexillology, applied historical disciplines. Being self-contained, vexillology has much in common with heraldry. Banner and coat of arms coincide in functions, being used as means of identification and manifestation of self. Flags are a very specific sign system and one of the most dynamic. They reflect changes in socio-cultural life of the nation and temporal characteristics, assist in attribution and investigation of cultural phenomena. As far as function is concerned the banner unites people according to some criterion and assimilates them into some social institution. Flags and coat of arms are inherently interconnected, though not all the banners are heraldic. Heraldic flags are divided into several types, different in form and size. Neither Russian nor European standards have strict rules of composition; both were very varied. As for Russia the flag has always been a very fluid issue. On the one hand that aspect of symbols has been disregarded and never followed a strict order, on the other, if and when banner is beheld, it becomes the object of worship and heated argument. 


banner, coat of arms, flag, gonfalon, heraldry, semiotics, sign, standard, vexillology. 


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