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History anf Culture of Slavic World
KRYUCHKOV I. V. Hungarian-Croatian conflict in the reports of Russian diplomats in the early twentieth century
BELOV A. V. Country cottage and culture of summer holidays in the XIX-XX centuriesin Moscow Province
PORTNYAGINA N. A. «The party couldn`t afford to abuse the terrorists»: political terror in an assessment of Cadet party during revolution of 1905-1907
KASATOCKIN D. R. The grin of the Russian Civil War: inhumanity, which doesn’t know political orientation (the portrait of the military commandantof Urga Lieutenant Colonel Leonid Sipaylo)
Philosophy and Culturology
LEBEDEV V. YU., FEDOROV A. V. Philosophy of suffering and praxisof modern culture
SUKHAREV A. V. Personality of A. S. Pushkin in the context of Western Europeanand Russian culture
CHEREPAKHIN M. A. Advertising communication as autopoetical symbolic system
MOSKVICHEVA YU. V. The Аthos traditions in modern Russia:Nicholo-Malitsa monastery in Tver
Literary Criticism and Philology
ABASHEVA D. V. «I’m here talking with past centures...»: Historical memoryin lyrics N. M. Yazykov
CHEREPAKHIN M. A. Slavistics in Austria - linguistic, literary and philological approachesto Slavic studies
AMIRI L. P. The combination of different types of language play as a peculiarityof the communicative space in advertising
SOLOMONOVSKAYA A. L. Semantic field «mental or intellectual activity»in idiolect of medieval translator
Old Russian Literary Heritage
DEMIN A. S. «Objectification» of abstract concepts and poetic transformationsin old Russian literary works of XI-XII centuries
TROFIMOVA N. V. Features of the form and the stylistics of the lamentationsin the chronicle military narrations
Theory and History of Art
MIKHEEVA JU. V. Tarkovsky’s film Andrey Rublev and the audiovisual paradoxicalityof its final part
MIKHAILOVA N. E. Choreographic forms of the Vesyegonsk area of the Tver regionin the rituals of spring-summer calendar
MAXIMOVA G. A. The reliquary of St. martyr Barbara and St. Mitrophan bishopof Voronezh from the church of St. John Warrior that is in Moscow on Yakimanka street.The problems of attribution and dating
Dedicated to the memory of Isolda Konstantinovna Kuchmaeva
THE STATE ACADEMY OF SLAVIC CULTURE To the blessed memory of Isolda Konstantinovna Kuchmaeva