№ 4 (XXVI)

Problems of culturology and philosophy
Kotsyuba V. I. Nevolin about the advantage of studying History of Philosophy
Bliskavitskiy A. A. On the language of philosophical prose of Vyacheslav Ivanov
Kuchmaeva O. V, 
Petryakova O. L., 
Kuchmaev M. G., 
Nutenko L. Y. 
Differentiation of young people social well-being characteristics in European countries
Problems of culturology and history
Mikhailova N. E. The wedding ritual of Russians and Karels living on Vesyegonsk territory (ethnographic aspect)
Belov A. V. Agrarian type of town among the settlements of central Russia at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries
Volkova T. V. Peculiarities of home perception in contemporary Russian culture
Ershkova A. M. Translation of «Prague spring» ideals in the T. Stoppard's play «Rock and roll» directed by RAMT (Moscow, 2011)
Problems of philology
Gerasimova I. F. World war I through the eyes of characters of M. A. Sholokhov's novel «And quiet flows the Don» and poets - witnesses of the war events
Akimova M. S. On the literary tradition of the XIX century in the poetry by N. Pubtsov (on the example of the poem «A Train»)
Zhirova A. V. Type of syntactic links in structures with double cases in Church Slavonic language
Old Russian Heritage
Milkov V. V. Luka Zhidyata's «Teaching» - the most ancient Russian sermon
Kardanova N. B. On the study of Russian history epistolary literature
Stavisky V. I. On the semantic functions of some lexems in old Russian texts
Problems of Art Theory and History
Belikov A. V. The history of the Style concept in the European Art History at the end of XIX-XX centuries
Kornyukova M. V. Recently opened Vyatka icon «John the Baptist - the Angel of the Desert» of the end of the XVII
Lobacheva E. E. History of Creation of Missionary museum of Kazan Theological Academy
General Psychological Problems
Sukharev A. V. Ethnofunctional analysis of the development of European mentality in the Renaissance
Matsarenko T. N. Difficulies of adaptation of the ballet dancer to the pedagogical activity in system of supplementary education of children
Current Events in GASK
Novikova M. V. To the 20th Anniversary of the State Academy of Slavic Culture