№ 2 (XVI)

Problems of culturology and philosophy
Archimandrite Platon (Igumnov)  The justice concept in ancient and European consciousness
Gavrushin N. K.  Virtue Dialectics in Orthodox Interpretation
Problems of culturology and history
Fedorova M. S.  The travel of Russian women in the XVIII-th century
Dubinina A. A. Study of calendar rounds of yards (based on folkloric and ethnographic material of Tver Region)
Problems of philology
Shvedova N. V. Slovak poetic surrealism
Melnik D. V.  The meaning of Khludov surname in the play «Flight» by M. Bulgakov
Pak M. K. Ethno-Cultural Aspect of Common Russian Word (on the basis of Archangelsk dialect material)
Old Russian Literary heritage
Demin A. S. Reference to Pharaoh Foretellers in the «Tale of Bygone Years»
Ponomarev A. A.  Image of Biblical Moses in the poem «The Gospel according to St. Matthew» by Mardari Honykov
General Psychological Problems
Timokhin V. V.
Paramonova-Vavakina Z. F.
The place of ethnic function of form and content in educational influence while developing emotions in senior schoolchildren
Problems of Art Theory and History
Mikhailova S. I. Russian architecture on the Holy Land: the contribution of Archimandrite Antonin (Kapustin)
The publication of one monument
Trenikhin M. М. State Academy of Slavic Culture (SASC) Symbols and Emblems. Logotypes, badges and tokens
Scientific Life
Vorob'ev V. M.  St. Tikhon Orthodox Conferences in Toropets
The chronicle of cultural life
Visit to the Holy Land. 2010
Kolyadich T. M.  The necessary book about the principal things