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Valeria V. Kuryanova

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Valeriya V. Kuryanova — PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Tavricheskaya Academy of V. I. Vernadsky Crimea Federal University, Vernadsky St., 4, 295007 Simferopol, Republic of Crimea. ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7570-1926. E-mail: kuryanova_v@mail.ru


Philological sciences




Vol. 57


pp. 160-169


June 20, 2019

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September 28, 2020



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The paper looks at the issues of revealing and analyzing the Tolstoyan text in the works of the creative group of poets “OBERIU”. The novelty of the research stems from the fact that the study of supertext structures in modern literary criticism is primarily focused on topographical texts while nominal texts (Pushkinian, Gogolean, Chekhovian) are understudied, and the methodology of their study is not sufficiently clear. The paper argues that the actual basis of the Tolstoyan text is the myth of L. N. Tolstoy. The author explores the structure of the Tolstoyan myth in the works of D. Kharms, N. Zabolotsky, K. Vaginov and others and identifies mythologemes (mythologized constant representations) created and reproduced by poets. For this purpose the paper addresses poems and prose by oberiuts and their followers. In the works of Kharms the myth of Leo Tolstoy is radically profane, while the works of Zabolotsky imply the canonizing vector, whereas K. Vaginov is primarily interested in the mythology of the Tolstoyan simple living. Ергы it can be seen that Tolstoyan text of the works by this group of poets is based on the biographical myth of the sacral and demythologizing directions.


supertext, Tolstoy text, the myth of L. N. Tolstoy, Russian literature of the 20th century, OBERIU, D. Harms, N. Zabolotsky, K. Vaginov.


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