Criteria for acceptance of articles

  1. 1. Eligible to publication are scientific articles, surveys, reviews, reports:

  • • dedicated to topical issues and subjects fitting thematic of the journal;

  • • previously unpublished, except preprint;

  • • approved by reviewers and editorial board;

  • • without any direct borrowings from Internet;

  • • matching submission guidelines of the Journal.

  1. 2. Articles should be sent strictly in electronic form to

  2. 3. Acknowledgment of receipt of the manuscript and covering documents will be forwarded to the authors within 10-15 days via e-mail.

  3. 4. Materials submitted to the editorial staff shall undergo initial screening and are judged for matching formal requirements of the Submission guidelines, journal`s thematic fit and are subject to mandatory plagiarism check. Manuscripts, failing: to meet the requirements for submission, to fit the journal`s thematic and to pass plagiarism check are dismissed with a justified rejection letter forwarded to the author.

  4. 5. Articles submitted will be under consideration of the editorial staff within 180 days. Before or upon the expiration of this term the notification of the reviewing results is sent to the author with four possible suggestions:

  • • recommended for publication as submitted;

  • • recommended with insignificant revision;

  • • recommended with significant revision;

  • • manuscript is inappropriate for publication in the journal.

  1. 6. The text of review is sent to the author upon his request without mentioning reviewer`s full name, position and place of employment. Should there be any recommendations of revision or updating the article author is handed an abbreviated review with constructive feedback from the reviewer remaining anonymous throughout the procedure. In case of the manuscript`s rejection a substantiated written refusal the is forwarded to the author.

  2. 7. In case of rejection of the manuscript, it is not subject to any additional reviewing or reconsidering by editorial staff.

  3. 8. Order of precedence for publication is determined by the date of paper submission. Under the editorial board decision most relevant materials are published on a first-priority basis.

  4. 9. Editorial board is entitled to implement literary and scientific editing of papers submitted, abridge them if necessary upon agreement with the author, or, if the paper is of certain interest for the journal, forward it for revision to the author.

  5. 10. A free paper copy with a published article is sent to the author.