№ 2 (XXVIII)

Issues of Culturology and Philosophy
Gromov M. N. Sophian tradition in Russian phylosophy and culture
Lebedinsky I. I. Literature and power: social aspects of Polish literature developmentin the second half of the XXth century
Voznyak O. T. Dialogical basis of Christology
Issues of Culturology and History
Dergacheva I. V. The Heritage of Luka, the bishop of Novgorod the Great: texts,comments, researches
Darenskaja V. M. Law ethos in traditional Ukrainian culture
Gusarov V. I. Great commander of Russia and Bulgaria M. D. Skobelev
Issues of Philology
Voropaev V. A. The Memoirs by Sherwood
Melnik V. A. I. A. Goncharov and artists of his time — I. I. Vereshagin andK. E. Makowski
Old Russian Heritage
Kirillin V. M. Pachomius the Logothete: Words of Praise to the St. Varlaam of Khutynin the context of ancient literature
Issues of Theory of Art
Florkovskaya A. K. Artists of «different art» and «action painting» by J. Pollock
Belikov A. V. Correlation of art concepts in Russian science of the second halfof XIX–XX centuries
General Issues of Psychology
Sucharev A. V. The comparative ethnofunctional analysis of development of mentalityof European and Russian Society in the Renáissance period
Lugovskoy S. S. Comparative historiography and ethnofunctional analysisof demographic reproduction in the ethnic group of Russian old residents and groupsof Chuckchee and Yukagyri
Our anniversaries
Melnikov G. P. «Philosophy fixes angry souls temper» (S. Polotsky):on the 70th anniversary of M. N. Gromov