Volume 41, 2016

Theory and history of culture

Milkov V. V.

The world picture in Explanatory Paleia

Pervushin M. V.

Information war of ancient Rus’
Bazhov S. I. Interpretation of byzantine spirituality and ideological heritage in Russian religious and philosophical thought of the nineteenth – early XXI centuries

Tovbin K. M.
Semichaevsky A. V.
Sokolov V. V.

Russian Old Believers in present Alaska: overview of mentality and everyday life
Vorobyev A. A. Russia’s geopolitical interests in the Balkans in the XX – early XXI century

Novitskiy I. A.

The terrible day of Perun

Safonova N. A. 

Russian wedding ritual complex of the southern urals: tradition and modernity

Bogdanova O. V.
Orlova Y. A.

The theme of creativity and «genuis code» in the novel by M. A. Aldanov «Tenth Symphony»
priest Vyacheslav Umnyagin The novel «Abode» in the light of reminiscences of the solovky prisoners
Melnik V. I. On the question of the perception of I. A. Goncharov in the czech republic (about «czech school» in goncharov studies)

Voropaev V. A.

«The grace of lord is obvious to be there»: Optina Pustyn in Nikolai Gogol’s life

Kaplun M. V.

Women`s images in the plays «ahasuerus action» and «judith» by J. G. Gregory

Tverdokhleb O. G.

The polyptoton, formed by the nouns, in aphorisms and paradoxical definitions
Art theory and history

Gulyaev P. S.
Gulyaeva I. G.

Fine and decorative art and design in the context of culture

Sedova I. N.

The source of sculptural dynasty. Mitrofan Rukavishnikov: creative search of pre-war decades

Tugarinova S. D.

The palace of the soviets and architectural competitions of the 1930s
Moskvicheva Y. V. Ethiopian orthodox scroll-charms of XIX- beginning of XX century
Timoshchuk A. S. Review Kutyrev V. A. Last kissing. Man as the tradition. — SPb .: Aletheia, 2015. — 312 p. — («Body of Thought» series)