№ 3 (37), 2015

Theory and history of culture
GUREVICH P. S. N. A. Berdyaev in the context of European philosophy.
CHERNYAEV A. V. «Discontinuities and connections»: the problem of continuity in Russian philosophy
ZAPEKA О. А. The free communication of Love — a fundamental principle of Christian philosophy of Khomyakov
POPOV K. A. Student societies of Germans, Jews and Slovaks in Prague at the end of the niniteenth century
PORTNYAGIN D. I. Creation of the «Russian Committee» and the formation of the position of the British Foreign Office towards the Soviet Union in the first half of 1946
PANKOVA S. YU. Culturological analysis of space in the semantic field of people of different nationalities
KOROLEVA M. YU. Use of secular films to discuss questions of faith
ANAN’EVA N. N. Subculture of large families in modern society
MELEKHIVA E. S. Semantics of etiquette in social and cultural space of Russia
TRAVNIKOV S. N. The world of nature in «Pelgrimatsiya» by Hippolytus Vyshensky
SHAIKIN A. A. The spiritual and the physical as narrative elements in «The legend of Boris and Gleb» and other texts about Boris and Gleb
TUFANOVA O. A. The image of cities and towns in «The other legend»
KAPLUN M. V. The plays on the Adam and Eve’s plot in the works by Johann Gottfried Gregory and Joost van den Vondel
Mythological image of Koschei the Deathless and its reflection in the Russian magic fairy tales
CHUIKOV P. L. Divine court and human court in the ideological structure of the «Selected Passages from the Correspondence with Friends» by N. V. Gogol and novel «The Brothers Karamazov» by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Art theory and history
BELOV A. V. Formation of theatre in the «Capital city of Moscow» during Catherine II reign: transition time from failures to forward development
TANANAEVA L. I. Some aspects of creativity of Ferdynand Ruszczyc.
BUGAEV V. I. Slavic images and symbols of femininity in the Russian artistic culture of the end of XIX – early twentieth century
ARTEMOV A. A. Russian North perception by the artists of 1950–1970-s
BAKLANOVA T. I. The book about the old meaning and living traditions of Tver folk festival-ritual culture (Review of the monograph by S. A. Sitnikova «Tver Maslenitsa ritual text: relics of old mythological and ritual performances». – Moscow: GASK, 2012. – 174 p..; ill.