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Irina V. Chernyaeva

LidiyaV. Balakhnina

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Irina V. Chernyaeva — PhD in Art, Altai State University, Lenin Ave, 61, 656049 Barnaul, Russia. ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0308-0969. E-mail: gurkina-22@mail.ru

Lidiya V. Balakhnina — PhD in Art, Associate Professor, Tyumen State University, Volodarsky St., 6, 625003 Tyumen Russia. ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3067-866X. E-mail: 89091812006@mail.ru


History of Arts




Vol. 59


pp. 321–329


February 15, 2020

Date of publication

March 28, 2021



Index UDK


Index BBK



In modern art practice, the issue of formation of symbolic and economic value of works of art remains acute and relevant. In the history of art art historians, curators, and art critics used to determine symbolic value. The issue of formation of economic value of works of art is still debatable. The task of the study is to identify features of the pricing of works of art inherent in individual periods of the development of artistic practices in a historical context. The authors address the issue retrospectively, considering the relationships between art and market, originated in the 18th century in Holland. The paper conducts a detailed analyze of the epistolary heritage of P. M. Tretiakov, concluding that in the 19th century it was the professional environment that acted as a regulator of the pricing of works of art. Economic conditions of the 20th century in the domestic art put to the forefront state insurance or state order, therefore the volume of payment of works depended on regalia and social status of an artist. The situation of the beginning of the 21st century brought not only new forms and mechanisms to the art market as Internet trading, corporate collecting, art banking, but also new problems that influenced the pricing process.


works of art, patron, collection, exhibition activities, exposition, gallery.


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