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Elvira A. Luganskaya

Elena A. Zaytseva

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Elvira A. Luganskaya — Post-graduate Student, Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music, Marshal Sokolovsky St. 10, 123060 Moscow, Russia. E-mail: SamovarovaElvira@yandex.ru

Elena A. Zaitseva — PhD in Arts, Associate Professor, Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music, Marshal Sokolovsky St. 10, 123060 Moscow, Russia. E-mail: mlad61@mail.ru


History of Arts




Vol. 51


pp. 303–312


January 07, 2018 

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March 28, 2019

Index UDK


Index BBK



This article examines the musical compositions of Sergey Viktorovich Zhukov, with ethnomelos being its basis. It also studies concepts of “folklorism” and “neofolklorizm”. The authors display a geographical panorama of Zhukov's use of folk melodies: Russian and Ukrainian songs, as well as intonations of Dutch, English, Greek and Turkish folklore. The paper highlights the reasons for Sergei Zhukov’s addressing folk song, and for that purpose a detailed interview describes the history of creation of the authors’s first work on the folklore basis of “Spivanochka” inspired by Ukrainian ritual songs` lyrics. More attention is paid to the analysis of the “Ukrainian triptych”. The opus under study consists of adaptations of authentic Little Russian ethnomelos, which the composer absorbed from childhood, as a native of Zhytomyr. The authors compare adaptation of the Ukrainian song “Ihav Kozak for the Danube” by S. Zhukov and L. Beethoven from the collection ‘Songs of various peoples’. The article reviews Sergey Zhukov’s works based on musical folklore including folk stylizations for dramatic performances such as “Scarlet Flower” after S. T. Aksakov’s fairytale, and “Two maples” based on E. L. Schwarz’s fairytale, as well as for V. Tretyakov’s film ‘Russian porcelain. Artist Leonov’. The paper involves the interview with the composer, facilitating his style`s definition, as well as the principles of folk melodies adaptation. The study allowed to reveal methods and techniques of the author's transformation of authentic melopoietic patterns.


folklorism and neofolklorizm, S. V. Zhukov, “Ukrainian triptych”, folk songs adaptation, musical folklore, folklore and composer creativity, ethnomelos.


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