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Title of the article: The world picture in Explanatory Paleia

Milkov V. V.

Section: Theory and history of culture
Year: 2016
Issue: № 3 (41)
Pages: 7-23
Index UDK: 1(091)+ 281. 93
Index BBK: 71.0+87. 3 (2)
Abstract: Explanatory Paleia combines the conceptual foundations of the world with detailed characteristics of spheres of life. The author of Paleia creates a three-level picture of the world on the basis of doctrinal views: 1) the scope of transcendental divine depth; 2) noumenal sphere of angels on the border of the divine infinity and the physical part of the universe; 3) the natural world, the lower part of which is the hell. Each level has its own ontological characteristics: 1) Absolute has signs of beginningless and endlessness, it is above all things; 2) angels have spiritual bodies, they are created, but eternal. Angels perform service functions such as connection to the world of God; 3) nature is rough and disintegrated ontological essence, its lower part is worthy to be the antithesis of the noumenal world. There are some ideas of plane-domed cosmology in Paleia Explanatory. But the author builds his own original cosmological conception. In the opinion of the author, the earth has a flat and round form, and ice firmament above it is held only due to the God’s power. This is the concept of unsupportedness. A space model is different from the house in antiochian conception. The walls of this space-house rest on the edge of the land and keep the ice firmament. The world picture described in Explanatory Paleia was reflected in the ancient Russian painting. This is evidence of the influence of its ideas in the public consciousness.
Keywords: Ancient Russia Paleia Explanatory, cosmology, ontology, angelology, the original concept of the world order, the principle of dual in the world picture.
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