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Title of the article: The polyptoton, formed by the nouns, in aphorisms and paradoxical definitions

Tverdokhleb O. G.

Section: Philology
Year: 2016
Issue: № 3 (41)
Pages: 150-156
Index UDK: 811.161.1
Index BBK: 81.2 Рус
Abstract: This paper analyzes the numerous repetitions of nouns in different cases contributing to the emergence of hidden meanings of words, and new logical and alogical relations between them in aphorisms, paradoxical definitions, proverbs and riddles in the crosswords. The paper stresses the idea that such activity is explained not only by the large number of nouns in the modern Russian language, but also by the natural predisposition of the noun as part of speech to be repeated. Special attention is paid to the positional location of duplicate case forms of nouns. It is shown that they can be located in contact (usually) and distantly (rarely). It is found out that repetitive forms of inflection can be separated from each other by one word or several ones, syntactically be connected to each other and refer to the other members of the sentence. Various structural-grammatical models of polyptoton are described.
Keywords: the polyptoton, the case form, the repetition, the sayings, the contact / distant position.
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