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Title of the article: On the language of philosophical prose of Vyacheslav Ivanov
Author(s): Bliskavitskiy A. A.
Section: Problems of culturology and philosophy
Year: 2012
Issue: № 4 (XXVI)
Pages: 12-20
Index UDK:
Index BBK:
Abstract: The article is devoted to the philosophy of language of Vyacheslav Ivanov. It deals with such issues as the role of language in transforming the world (theurgic properties), the relation of language and art. The paper identifies the main features of Vyacheslav Ivanov's method of approaching the problem of language. The author of the paper bases his research on the analysis of Ivanov's philosophical and literary heritage and investigates the principle of his work with the text. The peculiarities of Russian Symbolist's prose (the use of dialectic, hidden meaning, designed for spiritual attainment of the text, etc.) which takes it closer to poetry are also examined. This article also substantiates the points that for Ivanov the language, when it is used correctly, is itself an art, as it has all its properties.
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