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Author(s): Khisamutdinov А. А.
Section: Theory and history of culture
Year: 2016
Issue: № 4 (42)
Pages: 7-20
Index UDK: УДК 821
Index BBK: ББК 83.3 (5Кит)
Abstract: The article describes humoristic and satiric publications, produced in China by Russian emigrants and analyses journals` programs and their artistic merits (first half of the XX). Russian humoristic publications played an important part in emigrants` press. Despite the hardships of refugees` life, they were essential for the spiritual life of Russian emigrants and instrumental in terms of the dialog of Russian and Chinese cultures. Such journals as “Bamboo,” “Satyrikon,” “Flea” and “Spider” (Harbin), “Life of the East” and “Mockingbird” (Shanghai) and others offered Russian Civil war`s refugees a chance to escape from the worries of life, a fair share of which the emigrants have had in a strange land. The paper explores biographies and creative legacy of editors and illustrators, caricaturists. The article also represents cultural and non-governmental organizations, largely relying on humor and satire in its activities. As, for example, Shanghai based “KHLAM” (abbreviation for artists, men of letters and musicians). Present topic went largely unnoticed by the researchers, which is due to the fact that it is basically impossible to find the literature in question in Russian libraries and archives. At the time soviet authorities kept close track of editions with satirical contents about the USSR and eliminated them. This situation was not much better abroad, where the preservation of Russian culture obviously was not a priority. Main sources for the article are collections of Hamilton library of Hawaiian university (Honolulu, USA) and Museum of Russian culture in San-Francisco, as well as private collections and catalogues of other American libraries. Photographs from abovementioned journals served as the article`s illustrations.
Keywords: Russians in China, Russian art in China, Emigrant humor, Satire of emigrants, Russian publications in China.
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