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Title of the article: Today’s meaning of Westernists and Slavophils dispute
Author(s): Bazhov S. I.
Section: Problems of culturology and history
Year: 2009
Issue: № 1 (XI)
Pages: 48-56
Index UDK:
Index BBK:
Abstract: An attempt to comprehend conflicting views of Westernists and Slavophils as well as to find constructive response to the prolonged dispute is made in the article. The meaning of these two long established terms as they were understood in the past and the way they are interpreted today is analyzed and compared. The opposing concepts of the two confronting movements are critically discussed and their impact on today's public and political mentality is considered. Nonproductivity of unilateral positions manifested by participants of the dispute is criticized and the ways to reconcile the contradictory views are proposed fro the sake of ensuring the public and political balance in the society. The author believes that the controversy of today's Westernists and Slavophilscan be reduced to productive discussion between liberal democrats and enlightened conservatives.
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