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BRAND-TECHNOLOGIES IN MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Review On the monograph Muzykant V. L., Sknarew D. S., A. B. Cherednikova A. B. “Brand-technologies in marketing communications”. Chelyabinsk: Publishing center SUSU Publ., 2016. 147 p.


Olga V. Shlykova

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Olga V. Shlykova — DSc of Culturology, Professor, IGS at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Vernadskogo av., 82, 119571 Moscow, Russia. E-mail: olgashlykova@yandex.ru






Vol. 45


Pp. 245-249


June 23, 2017

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September 15, 2017

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Index BBK



The reviewed work is devoted to the specifics of brand-technologies in marketing communications. The authors define the role of branding components as significant elements of marketing communications and their impact on consumers when promoting a product on the market. The study presents the domestic material, it is read in the Russian socio-cultural codes of branding and the features of its functioning in the centre and the periphery, in basic and service industries. Interest research in the regions conducted by the authors, backed up by thorough statistical material, charts, allowing you to see the dynamics of integrated marketing communications in their historical perspective. There are many noteworthy results of the analysis of individual sectors, e.g., tourism advertising company, Bank communication as a means of creating positive and neutral media context, etc. In the field of view of the authors of the advertising investment in the economy of the regions, strategy for successful ad campaigns and missed opportunities, professional competencies for today's marketers, and many others. The material is logically structured and divided by chapters, which examine the branding market services (V. L. Musician), naming as part of languagechange (D. S. Sklarew), personal branding and its importance in creating the image culture (A. B. Cherednikova).


branding in Russia, marketing communication, naming, lyngboparken, image culture