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Author(s): Rudakov M. V.
Section: Theory and history of culture
Year: 2016
Issue: № 4 (42)
Pages: 34-40
Index UDK: УДК 008+23/28
Index BBK: ББК 71+86.372
Abstract: Actual paper is a preamble to a more extensive set of studies, yet without the given number of mentioned topics and recommendations discussing of topicatity and familiarization with agenda of Protestant culture within Slavic world, in cultural and religion studies context is increasingly and obviously impossible. Protestant culture issues which are not given enough attention in terms of humanities curriculum thus necessitate wider popularization and promotion within a framework not only of education realm but also of national development strategy. One of the main resulting conclusions is advancement and justification — drawing on the patterns of national culture history as well as our everyday culture — of interior or inherent quality of the crucial protestant civilization` problems and topics for Russian culture as well as the culture of given Slavic countries.
Keywords: Protestant agenda` assimilation within Slavic world cultural tradition, nontemporal qualities of Protestantism, Protestant topics actualization in the context of globalization.
Bibliography: 1 Akopov P. Razval atlanticheskogo mira usilivaet global'nuju turbulentnost' [Break-up of atlantic world boosts global turbulence]. Internet-portal Vzgljad [View]. Available at: http://www.vz.ru/world/2015/12/31/786669.html (Accessed 01 January 2016). 2 Livancev K. E. Politicheskoe uchenie pol'skih arian [Political doctrine of polish Arians]. K. E. Livancev. Pravovedenie [Legal studies], 1970, no 5, pp. 75–82. 3 Merezhkovskij D. S. Reformatory [Reformers]. Moscow, Vodolej Publ., 1999. 448 p. 4 Neklessa A. I. Gnosticheskie korni postsovremennosti [Gnostic roots of postmodernity]. Available at: http://culturolog.ru/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1242&Itemid=9 (Accessed 14 February 2016). 5 Suprun T. N. Pravoslavnaja i Anglikanskaja cerkvi na rubezhe XIX–XX vekov. Popytka sblizhenija [Orthodox and Anglican churches at the turn of XX-th century. Tentative rapprochment]. Vinograd, 2007, no 2 (18). Available at: http://www.vinograd.su/education/preview.php?id=42998 (Accessed 02 February 2016). 6 Fedotova V. G. Horoshee obshhestvo [Good society]. Moscow, Progress-Tradicija Publ., 2005. 544 p. 7 Filippov M. M. Jan Gus. Ego zhizn' i reformatorskaja dejatel'nost' [His life and reformatory activity]. St. Petersburg, “Obshhestvennaja pol'za” Publ., 1891. 78 p.
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