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Title of the article: REVIEW Uzeneva E. S. Old Believers abroad II. History. Religion. Language. Culture. — Toruń: EIKON, 2014. — 401 s.
Author(s): Uzeneva E. S.
Section: Review
Year: 2016
Issue: № 4 (42)
Pages: 222-225
Index UDK:
Index BBK:
Abstract: The collection of articles “Old Believers abroad II. History. Religion. Language. Culture” (“Staroobrzędowcy za granicą II. Historia. Religia. Język. Kultura.” Toruń: EIKON, 2014) is a continuation of the previous volume (“Staroobrzędowcy za granicą I.” Toruń, 2010) also based on the eponymous conference dedicated to the integrated study of the Old Believers outside Russia and carried out within the framework of the International Commission for the Study of the Old Believers, created by the International Committee of Slavists in 2008.The volume includes the scientific articles exploring a variety of issues of history, culture, language and literature of Old Believers made by scientists of a wide range of specializations: linguists, ethnolinguists, literary critics, cultural anthropologists, historians, musicologists, art historians.Geographical breadth of the object of study is very large (North and South America, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Manchuria, China, Bukovina, Romanian Dobruja, Bulgaria, the various Regions of Russia: Tuva, Khabarovsk, Kama, Moscow and others.). Interdisciplinary nature of this book implies high demands on the competence of authors and editors. We can say with confidence that this research work meets such demands, as based mostly on the authors` field study and archival materials of the authors now for the first time introduced into scientific circulation.
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