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Title of the article: Meaning of gambling in Gogol's comedy «Gamblers»
Author(s): VINOGRADOV I. A.
Section: Philology
Year: 2016
Issue: № 2 (40)
Pages: 154-162
Index UDK: 821.161.1
Index BBK: 83.3 (2Рос=Рус)1-8 Гоголь Н. В.
Abstract: The «gambling» in the comedy «Gamblers» by N. V. Gogol (1842) helps to highlight the belief of the writer that ignoring of spiritual ideals by a secularized society, orientation only to «technical» perfection leads to the exhaustion of the credit of trust between people without which existence of any public institute is impossible. Originality of Gogol’s idea is that ordinary gambling is put on the same level with the numerous phenomena in public life in which «imagined» values based on their conditional recognition as valid, had played bigger role since Peter I and Catherine II times, than in pre-Pertine Russia. The play is considered in the context of all Gogol creativity; the paper traces its connection with «Government Inspector» (1836), «Dead souls» (1842), the book «The Selected places from correspondence with friends» (1847) and Gogol's other products.
Keywords: N. V. Gogol, art creativity, an author's plan, interpretation, a spiritual heritage
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