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Title of the article: The words «love», «amicably», «god-loving» as nuclear representantes of the concept of love in the essay by Grigoriy Kotoshikhin «On Russia in the reign of Alexey Mikhailovich»
Section: Philology
Year: 2016
Issue: № 2 (40)
Pages: 136-143
Index UDK: 801.73
Index BBK: 81.2Рус
Abstract: Six fragments with the use related to the concept of the LOVE: the noun «love», the adverb «amicably» and the short form of the adjective «God-loving» in several lexico-semantic variants were registered in the essay of G. Kotoshikhin «On Russia in the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich». One of the key problems is the issue of strengthening Russian statehood by Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, which was necessary for maintaining cordial and friendly relations with the rulers of foreign countries, promoting beneficial cooperation, which would meet the interests of the state and serve the cause of peace. The discussed questions also include the information about sending Russian ambassadors to the neighboring countries with a view to further maintaining peaceful relations and fruitful cooperations between the States; issues related to the moral side of love relationships strengthened by law; the scope of the legal norms of the state. The characteristics of the personality of the Tsar and Grand Prince Fedor Ivanovich are also discussed. Thus, love acts as a connecting element between the individual and the public, as an essential component of the spiritual, moral and ethical Christian culture of the people in the book by Kotoshikhin. The concept reflects the national cultural characteristics, values, specifics of a language picture of the world of the XVII century by the units of the nomination and predication. The analyzed words are used in contexts that represent not only the experience and reciprocal feelings, but also relationships based on co-operation in different areas within the international law.
Keywords: the concept of LOVE, amicably, God-loving, verbalising, Kotoshikhin
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